Environmental Protection

SMPL is committed to limiting the environmental impact of its production activities, conserving scarce resources and encouraging pro-environmental activities such as recycling of copper alloys.

SMPL Environmental Impact Management manages in the following key areas:

Water :

Plant water is recycled through close loop effluent treatment plants, which are installed and maintained.

Energy :

SMPL already owns two wind turbines at the west coast of India. 70% of energy requirement of SMPL is met by these two wind turbines. Electricity generated by the turbines is fed into the Gujarat State Electricity Grid which in turn delivers SMPL requirements to the factory.

SMPL will continue to invest in renewable energy generation to offset its own use. SMPL is also looking at ways of using solar energy to fulfill its power requirement.

Air :

Exhaust hot gases and zinc oxide are collected and passed through bag houses. Zinc oxide is collected in bag house drums and oxide free gases are released at ambient temperature, while zinc oxide ash is sold to government authorized processors.

Dangerous Substances :

Certain processes and products necessitate the use of hazardous materials and chemicals in SMPL operations. Such are accurately documented and employees are properly trained to use them safely. Moreover, the use of alternative products is encouraged instead of dangerous/hazardous substances, wherever possible.

Other Wastes :

SMPL has introduced and implemented Industrial Waste Management procedures at its manufacturing facility to minimize waste products in the production process. The disposal of hazardous solid waste materials is done at government nominated dumping site.

SMPL complies with all legal norms. SMPL is committed to using resources rationally that minimize environmental risks and impacts.